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logiclass's Journal

the greatest thing that never was.
23 August 1988
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I love/hate/think/do/don't do/am/am not a lot of things.
1337, 80s movies, ^-^, a clockwork orange, alice in wonderland, alien quadrilogy, anime, anime conventions, anti-cosmo, artists, bass guitars, batman, beast boy, being pale, being ugly, big explosions, black and white movies, black eyeliner, black nail polish, blood, british accents, british people, cartoons, cassian bopp, cats, cheshire cat, chop sticks, chrono cross, cillian murphy, club kids, comic books, computers, conventions, cosplay, dance dance revolution, dc comics, donnie darko, dorks, doujinshi, draco malfoy, drawing, ebay, edward scissorhands, electric guitars, elves, england, evil, faeries, feathers, final fantasy, fire, freaks, gamers, gaming, geeks, getting letters, grape soda, gravitation, guitar, harry potter, hentai, holding hands, industrial, inferiority complexes, intelligent conversations, intelligent people, invader zim, j-pop, j-rock, jake gyllenhaal, japan, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, lazytown, long haired guys, losers, macaulay culkin, macintosh, making things, manga, marvel comics, matches, mini coopers, mohawks, mosh pits, music, musicians, neopets, nerding it up, nerds, new wave, night, nightcrawler, old movies, pain, painting, passionate kisses, peeling off labels, photography, poetry, pokemon, pretty gay boys, procrastinating, punk, quotes, rain, ramen noodles, random useless facts, randomness, reading, rejects, rocky horror picture show, sex pistols, shoujo ai, shounen ai, simon and milo, ska, sketching, slash, sleeping, sleeping beauty, slytherin, small furry things, snail mail, soft furry things, specific details, spiderman, star wars, stickers, stuff, sucking at everything, superman, synthesizers, techno, teen titans, the flash, the nightmare before christmas, thinking, unnatural hair colors, velvet goldmine, video games, voyeurism, wakka, wearing my glasses, wearing my hat backwards, web design, when it's cold outside, writing, writing letters, yaoi