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07 August 2011 @ 02:04 am
of sounds and stories  
So today while I was looking under some internet rocks, I came across my old friend livejournal! Long since been phased out by the evolution of myspace into facebook, the will soon be inevitably smited by google+ or whatever the new thing is. It all sickens me only very slightly. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy the conversations of many folks from all over the country, and many of my friends have moved away as I have moved away from them, and I enjoy social media as a means to stay in contact when otherwise we would not. But I see the behavior of my siblings and their friends and it saddens me to see that late night phone conversations and the assembling of the crew has been replaced with status updates and chain mail. I guess everyone is so wrapped up on their own head that they really do think that people give a shit about their random thoughts. Some people do, they comment, they like, and they lurk. Stalking has never been so easy. Why have private lives you only share with family and friends when you can post everything on the internet! But I am but a pot and they are the kettle. But the difference here is that I don't think the 6 or 7 friends that I actually have on here even post of update anymore. This is more or less just a writing exercise for myself. Haven't really done any sort of writing in a while and I think it would be good to get back into the habit. Good sentence structure is something that has always been important to me and nothing beats you down like being out a practice at something. But if proper paragraph structure is something that you're looking for you might as well just head elsewhere.

But it doesn't hurt to occasionally break off so you don't overwhelm people with large quantities of text. Because people don't have the greatest of attention spans, especially if they're in a place where they can't smoke. Then nothing else matters.

Life is a strange and beautiful thing. I can remember having thoughts when I was little about why I was me. Why was my particular brain functions in this particular body, and what was it like to be other people? Why couldn't I still exist and not be ME anymore? Everything always felt like a waste of time. Kinda just wanted to fizzle out. I don't feel that way so much now, there's good days and there's bad days, but every day that you wake up and take a breath if a gift. It always helps to remember that the good times wouldn't be so good if the bad times didn't hurt. Life keeps moving no matter what happens so you have to make the most of whatever that is. Once again this is just me talking to myself because it's not like anyone will read this. Daily reminders.

I do need to resolve to be better though. Must complete the primary main objective before my birthday. I need to read more and watch less tv. And I need to draw more. I kinda fell into a rut and I'm slowly pulling myself back out of it. Might write some storyness on here and translate it into comic form eventually. I need to play with photoshop on my laptop more. In a couple of months I get a vacation and in a week I get all my cavities fixed. I just need to remember to floss everyday and not to eat candy before bed.


So, how does it start? A man-made chemical spill? Some sort of global catastrophe that causes the plates to shift, creating tidal waves and epic storms that wash away entire coastlines, causing entire continents to crash into each other in some sort of backwards pangea(sp later) setup. Everything organic mutated, growing to ridiculous sizes. The plants and the animals became one, the insects took on oddly humanlike qualities and began to hunt the flower dwellers as their food. But how did it start??! What was it that seeped into the ground and caused the very essence of our ecosystem to become mutated and unbalanced. I'm not quite sure yet. I know where I want to go but not knowing where it comes from really bothers me. There's always scientists. Maybe an experimental pesticide. A geneticist working with crossing the dna of plants with humans so when born we can perform photosynthesis and make our own fuel from the sun. Maybe there was a war? With nuclear explosions that devastated the entire world. But a vast amount of the serum developed by our geneticist made it into the water supply and when combined with the radiation it rapidly mutated and spread throughout the world. Maybe. Good brainstorming for today.
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